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What's so great aboutt this mot compared to the rest of the client? Your browser has JavaScript disabled. I stopped using skype since almost every server uses discord already but if it will be needed, it won't be a problem at all getting back to skype. Just saying, not flaming. I find them both lacking.

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I am usually online on discord hanging out with the name of Loki. Also, animation mot00HorseRiding is just from masquerade. December 6, Age: I don't like people killing the fun out of me and those who are so much toxic about something. How you guys can see its all absolutely differents pictures. Ignite Flyff Off Topic Archive. Why, even release this?

Results 1 to 9 of 9. Adler's icon actually looks better as it seems it fits the correct coloring of the theme. With my years of playing, I was able to build up some tactical knowledge needed to play FlyFF.

I've been a Moderator in several FlyFF servers and some of which are already off rlyff line. Gif from Flux ;D Adler's Icon is better - fits better to the other icons. The role that suits my ability is being a Game Moderator. Global Offensive on Steam.

Flux FlyFF - Lord Clockworks Alpha

I can proudly say that I can bring lots of fun and joy to the players with my event ideas and I am sure that everyone will love it. Adding so, this also makes me knowledgeable with the do's and don'ts of a staff member.

As a Game Moderator, I only not focus on hosting events but also be able to give a helping hand to those players who are seeking for help and having trouble with their game play.

Secured by Incapsulapowered by LiteSpeed. Why should I be chosen for the position?

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He works for insanity, don't expect for him to see the bigger picture lol. Originally Posted by CapriFlux. What can I bring to dlyff Ignite Community? For thoose guys who say i steal icon: Maked by ankou Maked by Maked fix ur shit nigga. I am going with the name of Loki just like what I've said above. Because I was an Event Moderator on several servers I played before and I can say that with the experience that I got from my previous moderator tasks makes me more knowledgeable on what to perform "if granted the position".

If you would like to use all features flgff this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript.

I also have my own test server to test things out and I am sure that flydf makes me more qualifying to the role since I am perfectly and purely aware of the commands needed in performing fun events. Originally Posted by xHeinrich.

Flux Flyff | Forsaken Flyff | Floral Flyff

I have lots of events in mind which I can share to the other staff members and since I got to perform some of the events with my experience in the past, I can confidently execute the ideas I have in mind with less faults and mistakes.

Gangnam Flyx I think he's making fun of you cuz you spelled Made, wrong Originally Posted by aleksjug.

Originally Posted by MentaL. Originally Posted by Fenris. The time now is

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