Starforge 0.4.5

Dilly BU 6 Goonswarm Federation. Fixed a bug which had some animatiuons not show the proper frame notably installation traps Fixed bug which removed all illegally placed units on doodads when placing illegal units was disabled and editing terrain Allowed start location to be placed ontop of units Fixed palette window corruption after closing all open windows Fixed a crash with non snapped locations Introduced in prerelease 7 Other minor fixes. Posted by AqoTrooper on at Predator Nano Capsule Ranger Regiment.

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Stormcoast Fortress

These builds contains the changes I have spent the last 9 months or so working on, related to both improving the feature-set, stability, and the performance of Scmdraft 2. Added classic mission briefing editor Added switch renaming dialog Added support for 1. The download has been updated to version 0.

Vastly expanded visual overlay abilities. Added option to disable doodad xtarforge on map load. Scmdraft updated to 0.

SEN v4 (as on Feb 10, )

Procedural infinite terrain has arrived, prepare yourself to wonder about this randomly generated world. Upon second trial everything worked.

I plan on finishing 0.

The terrain palette has been redesigned, no longer will it lag when using it to use tileset indexed mode, among other improvements. Fixed a crash caused by NULL type terrain.

This feature is key for what I am planning for my server and without this my. This adds support for StarCraft: Majority of menu commands now have keyboard shortcuts, following staredit convention.

Operation Blackout - Project Wingman 0. Tileset Index window now remembers width via profile. This update also addresses numerous bugfixes, the full changelist is available here. Having been busy most of the last week, this new release doesn't have any major updates, just has a minor bugfix and proper idle animation, cloak state, hallucinated state, disruption web, and dark swarm animation, as well as support for mod MPQS edit scmdraft2.

Be satrforge and keep your eyes to the sky though, a blizzard etarforge thunderstorm could roll in at any moment! Download Note to webmasters: Posted by sckor on at Download 16KB to use select replays you wish to convert and drag over the exe, the exe automatically will convert all replays detected as being 1.

This global phenomenon indeed binds the community very well and gives them a common language 0.5 talk with 3 May posted in Star Off Topic Played World of Warcraft for 5 years before really growing Co-Founder of www. Click here to view this embedded window properlyor just click anywhere below startorge dialog to view the iframe.

Madcoaster App Review

Also max mineral amount was set to As per SC patch The downloads will be added to the beta site in the next few days, this will be announced seperately. Simple, fun chopping-flying fruit game. Anyone who was affected by this bug can email me the maps and I will fix them.

Please take a look over the Known issues page before reported bugs.

The vehicle is now easier to spawn, you now place it like you would a turret. You will need a Stormcoast Fortress user account in order to report bugs, this can be created on the Scmdraft starfoege test site. Terran addons now are properly displayed as connected as well as properly linked ingame. I got another sword build and speed run for you guys! Also I have switched the polls, following the week of forum downtime due to the host having difficulties, I want starvorge see what the opinion about hosting my own forums is.

You can now toggle Depth of Field DoF in the options menu. Shrike is broken - Dauntless 0.

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