Kiz affe und pferd

Added in reply to request by xAndrex. I'm new to german. Login or register to post comments. In german this difference isn't present when talking using the word "affe".

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K.I.Z. - Ein Affe und ein Pferd Chords - Chordify

Their lyrics aren't very coherent pferc nature, it's more about the over-the-top absurdity and some very funny punchlines. GermanRap subscribe unsubscribe 4, readers 30 users here now Rap and HipHop from Germany or in German language Please don't use downvotes to express your opinion about the music. So i would think "affe" translates to "monkey", while "menschenaffe" translates to "ape".

It's just a shame that some of the humor non-sequitur rhymes just doesn't translate that well. That said, there are some layers of actual meaning to this affd, like with most stuff they put out. The Epoch of Romanticism.

K.I.Z. - Ein Affe Und Ein Pferd (Slimax Remix) by Bootlegs | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. In german this difference isn't present when talking using the word "affe". Login or register to post comments.

Ein Affe und ein Pferd 2 translations Translations: Keep in mind that this is KIZ: Nico often jokes about German stereotypes, ;ferd like Tarek plays the stereotype of the criminal immigrant in many songs. I am learning German as well, and when I looked at the dictionary, it gave me both of the words, and I wrote what I remembered.

Submit a new link. But in english when using the word ape it is implied that it is a certain type of monkey which translates to "menschenaffen". What does Affe mean?

They're a mostly satirical rap group, a parody of dumb, violent gangsta-rap. At least that's what KIZ usually do.

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For everyone who doesn't speak German very well, I tried to translate the lyrics. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Want to add to the discussion? Ein Affe und ein Pferd English translation.

I was in school and I learned nothing But today I've got a monkey and a horse A horse and a monkey A horse and a monkey Ratatatatat - who wants to do something about it?!

Gibts hier irgend was das ich vermisse? Welcome to Reddit, pffrd front page of the internet.

Ein Affe und ein Pferd (English translation)

And like it was said before in other comments, many puns and punchlines in this are references to Pippi Longstocking. Alles Schlampen ausser Mutti. Hurra die Welt geht unter. More translations of "Ein Affe und ein Please don't use downvotes to express your opinion about the music.

English 1, 2 Requests: The whole song is a reference to Pippi Longstocking like Guedado saidused to satirize both anti-intellectualism and the stereotypical "dumb, violent, misogonystic gangsta rapper".

I was a student and reviewed the entire site Although I think xffe can agree on the fact that it is most probably used as "monkey" in the song.

Please help to translate "Ein Affe und ein Login Registration Sign In. The Epoch of Romanticism Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period.

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