Privoxy v3.0.19

Proxy authentication headers are removed unless the new directive enable-proxy-authentication-forwarding is used. Sep 4 , Dec 27 , Let the msn filter hide 'related' ads again. See more reviews for Privoxy.

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Reported by David Bo in Filtering JavaScript code with filters intended to deal with HTML is usually a waste of time and, more importantly, may break stuff.

While Privoxy accepts hide-referer, too, the b3.0.19 name is actually hide-referrer which is also the name used one the final results page, where the test expected the alias. Reported by Tyrexionibus in This is mainly a bug-fix release for the previously released Privoxy 3.

Make it more obvious that many operating systems support log rotation out of the box. Proxy authentication headers are removed unless the new directive enable-proxy-authentication-forwarding is used.

[tor-talk] wget - secure?

Note that security issues shouldn't be reported using the bug tracker. Maximum number of connections reached.

Reported by Mark Nelson in It might not have caused any problems we know ofbut doing the right thing shouldn't hurt either. Nov 17 If you use or want these, you will need to explicitly enable them, and be aware of the security issues involved. The templates already used a subset of UTF-8 anyway and changing the declaration allows to properly display UTF-8 characters used in the action files.

They rpivoxy if no matching tag is found after parsing client or server headers. There's no reason not to abort if they don't. If you change the configuration to block cookies by default, you'll need additional exceptions. Anonymously pointed out in Privoxy has a flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Reported by johnd16 in For details check the signatures. Reported by u inadditional feedback from Adam Piggott. Show posts by this member only Post 2.

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There are a number of new features in each Privoxy release and most of them have to be explicitly enabled in the configuration files. Requirements for Privoxy OS X Forwarding the headers potentially allows malicious sites to pricoxy the user into providing them with login information.

Suggested by David White in Explicitly mention that Tor's port may deviate from the default when using a bundle. Reported by "Karsten" in Already v30.19 server connections can be kept alive, too. Factor generate-config-file out of config-file to make testing more convenient. Toplease Login. It contains fixes for two bugs that could cause connections to hang under certain circumstances when keep-alive support was enabled, until they timed out or where closed by the server.

It seems to work fine and modifying the Tor configuration to profit from it hasn't been necessary for a while now. Fixes a couple of Co-Advisor tests.

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