Dota allstars 6.78

Her ulti is bad, make it instantly kill things like infernals, so it can at least be a nice counterpick. I think shes balanced so as drow coz they dont have survival skills.. Please consider about it.. Earth Panda would be nice.

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Either one of them can somehow be improved. Tauren - slight increase in Nature's Order AOE Wisp - buff in his base strength allstarz strength gain plus 1 starting armor Huskar - nerf on his agility Bristleback - needs some serious buff Doom allstarx slight nerf on Doom duration Abaddon - slight increase on Borrowed time Balanar - nerf on his strength. Also add a item that absorbs mana per hit. Isn't the manacost of Ryla's ulti too high?

Very very very hard to kill, especially for skill users like Tinker, Zeus, Akasha, etc. Please make Luna stronger.

Undying is more useful in clash! And the ultiimate not Maybe a technical buff? And somehow improve Pandaren's Manapool. In fact I already used sonic wave on him and still alive?

That I am forced to pick support just to help cope up in matches. Improve the casting speed of Lina Inverse's stun.

Dota 6.78b Download

Not the passive damage ability like Traxexs' marksmenship. Then after that he starts chasing me and kills me. And maybe a strength Kodo Rider. His ulty at level 3 is only 60sec cd Pls make the ss of Traxex active.

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Just don't make him fat. Being a wolf he dotz get the power to reveal his enemy in whole map for a few seconds Nevermore - Increase souls 80 Midas - decrease cooldown 60 add new heroes fix Traxex Thx: Include doom bringer, barathrum, lycan, traxex, treant, tuskar, phoenix, legion commander, axe in the list of auto bans. Or decrease cd of mirana jump and buff ms aura that it gives to allstara heroes. Shot a mortar bomb that explodes at impact causing fire the ground for a moment.

Magina - improves AOE and drains remaining mana 2. Her ulti is bad, make it instantly kill things like infernals, so it can at least be a nice counterpick. Kunkka - opponents hit by the incoming ship should take damage but only those that are inside the ship crash AOE shall be stunned.


I agree with aghanim for banehallow Like increasing range for a nuke by All those skadi items are buff placers on ranged but orb on meele. Maybe a Item with global repercution would be nice for supporters: Please rework trueshot aura or marksmanship.

Thnx for reading that: Bob Reduce Skeleton's KIng ulty cd? Are you daamn stupid?

Add him to CM.

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