Super memory super student harry lorayne

In the book Super Memory by Harry Lorayne, there are three main subgroups of school subjects: I found it really easy to learn, albeit it takes time, and he did a good job of organizing the book into separate sections based on different memory techniques. This is when you take a letter and you replace with a word and it will eventually lead to a sentence.

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Some of his memory devices may start to confuse the current loraynne of children and the book may just need a simple update relating more to the new generation of kids. That is easy to memorise because 12 months in a year and days in a year etc. The main theme of the book is about the author teaching different memory methods and systems that will be useful for future reference, especially in high school and college.

Super Memory - Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days

The chapters are all based on different memorization strategies, such as associating numbers with letters to help memorize different things. If you discipline yourself for just months, and you practice the systems, it will become second nature to you.

Many people often say you have to be smart but you just need to studdnt out what works best for you. The way is by connecting the number lines on letters with numbers.

Super Memory Super Student is a book that not just every student, but everyone should be using. There are many exercises in the book and it is recommended that you follow along and complete them as you read.

These methods will help me get into a better college. Lorayne is a magician and memory training specialist.

Super Memory - Super Student : Harry Lorayne :

The second example of a memorization strategy is to memorize names, numbers, and dates. In conclusion, throughout the nonfiction work Super Memory by Harry Lorayne, effective memorization strategies are given to the reader. The book is very organized in terms of the layout of the information.

To ask other readers questions about Super Memory - Super Studentplease sign up. Oct 19, D'Angelo added it.

studejt For twenty years, Lorayne wrote and published the monthly magazine Apocalypse. Such examples include giving an abbreviation to a lofayne list of words and ordering them in a way to remember. He goes on to teach us memory devices for various for things such as numbers, vocabulary, fo My Book Review on Super Memory - Super Student: After reading Chapter 10, which was about memorising words, I felt a lot more comfortable with memorising new words.

It has a full section on learning how to memorize vocabulary and definitions. All in all, I got more confused going through this process than it would be just to try to think of the word or number. This chapter constantly reminds the reader not to use a logical picture when trying to associate items with the Link System of Memory because ridiculous pictures pop into the mind easier than normal and logical ones.

This book uses very good examples and explains things very well like, specially designed memorization for numbers and vocabulary. It is a unique approach to the modern way of studying. This book was assigned to us by our chemistry teacher, but not only did it give us tools for studying the things he was assigning us, it also gave us tips and tricks for helpi The book Super Memory Super Student by Harry Lorayne does a good job in helping the students with memorization by giving good tips and study tools.

Oct 13, Darius added it. The chapters are mostly the same Will Garlington Dr. New York City Posts. So, with that being said, suped me give you my review and experience with the book.

He walks you through each technique with clear explanations, and then provides memory drills so you can see how well the techniques work. His book, Super Memory, was assigned to me by my chemistry teacher, Dr.

Unlike the general Peg System, the Peg Word matches a number to a whole word instead of one letter. How to Raise Your Grades in skper Days. He begins the book by telling us why he started memory training and what pushed him to do so.

I plan to highlight how the book has successfully and easily taught these various methods.

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