Asap ferg tatted angel

Man, feel for ferg. That song destroys me. Personally not a fan of his old stuff. But this is different Edit:

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Wouldn't be surprised if that type of shit came naturally to him and he went to school to perfect and master it.

ASAP Ferg – Tatted Angel

This isnt even finished and he rapped nothing but the realest on this. This is no exception.

Ferg comes in with a brand new song to hype me up for his next album. Did he have an off day? Damn, this is heavy That's dope didn't know that. He is way to emotional an just straight up honest for me to think its a throwaway.

Make sure you check it out though cause it's one of Ferg's best songs imo.

Feng really shine's when you hear him do more hip hop than trap shit don't get me wrong tho I love hype Ferg. It's like I'll, obsessively listen to one artist for a whole month before I find another one to switch ferh.

His dad also owned a boutique in Harlem back in the day and did some logos and stuff for Puff and Bad Boy Records back in the day. The fact that him coming on was a surprise might have helped tho. I assume since it was on Ferg's soundcloud it was just a preview of the track and it'll be released tattes full soon or when his album drops. These lyrics about yams are tough to digest.

Sorry I was thinking of fetg lord Edit2: This sound like a throwaway to you? Hits too close to home. This was really cool! Feels very "stream-of-consciousness", the way he jumps from fame or trying to blow up more to his relationships and it all flows really nicely.


I would love to hear earl over this shit. Submit a new text post. No, I'm talking about the subject; The subject of Ferg's Uncle being a dick but Ferg still living him. Heartfelt Ferg has potential to be really good - the more vulnerable moments of Trap Lord were some of my favourites.

Hype Ferg gets me so fucking pumped but it's nice to tattee him try different stuff, it really is a nice track. I'm about to pop in the trap classic right now. Works in progress, "rapper-type" beats and beats for rappers posts are not allowed. That song destroys me. Threads made to speculate about cryptic social media posts or website updates are also not allowed. He was going in terg the crowd was loving it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Antel and Privacy Policy.

A$AP Ferg "Tatted Angel" (prod. by Hit-Boy)

But this is different Edit: Not saying you're like a girl, I just figured that album was pretty accessible and liked by a lot. You can tatte feel it when he changes the rhyme but I think it sort of lends itself to this uncomfortable picture. Great example of an artist mixing up their style

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