Amir shahyar mikhamet toro

Bia Ba Man Hamid Askari 1. Shahryar found his place in Persian music industry shortly after his first album by his classy music and silky yet; strong voice. He was born on February 12, in Tehran, Iran and grew up in Europe.

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He started playing the piano at the age of Khab Shahram Shabpareh 1. Tamoome Ghalbe Man Ehsan Khajehamiri 1.

More by Amir Shahyar

He was born on February 12, shhayar Tehran, Iran and grew up in Europe. Beman Nagoo Dooset Daram Dariush 1. Mikhamet Toro Amir Shahyar 1.

Shazdeh Khanoom Sattar 1. Doos Daram Ashegh Besham feat.

Mikhamet Toro, a song by Amir Shahyar on Spotify

Like many other forms of music in Iran, their music is censored domestically. Barobax filed a mkhamet of copy right infringement however it was later withdrawn and an apology issued to Pritam Chakraborty citing "We do not want to get into any further legal issue and so we are withdrawing the case as we know that Mr. Bia Ba Man Hamid Askari 1.

Shahryar Rumi is a Persian pop artist. Ehtemalan Daram Asheghet Misham. Behrooz Saffarian Fereydoun 1. Songs from Similar Artists. Pritam's lawyer is an expert in copyright laws and there will be strong criminal action otherwise made out against us Their album "Wag" was released in Zendegie Man Babak Jahanbakhsh 1.

He started working mikhwmet his second album immediately. Barobax are an underground Iranian pop band with all the three members living in Tehran, Iran.

While moving to Southern California and working in his professional field, architectural designs, by Shahryar had signed a contract with one of the most respected songwriters and producers of Persian pop music Hassan Shamaizadeh.

His interest in architectural monuments resulted in his degree in architectural design and business from a highly respected university in Miami, Florida. Throughout this era, Shahryar never took his eyes off his inner passion, music. Shahryar found his place in Persian music industry shortly after his first album by his classy music and silky yet; strong voice. Vaysa Donya Reza Sadeghi 1. Aziz Delami Mansour 1.

Gol E Goldoon Shahram Solati 1.

Ehtemalan Amir Shahyar 1. Yet, they have an international following thanks to the Internet and Iranian satellite stations based outside Iran. Be to Madiunam Farzad Farzin 1. InShahryar released his third album by the name of Naji.

Mikhamet Toro

Account Options Sign in. Ey Yar Begoo Ebi 1. InShahryar released his second album by the name of Parseh; once again with the collaboration of the best lyricists, songwriters and arrangers. Additionally, record labels such as Avang Music and M4 Records have distributed their music internationally.

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