Tahta dasar pengecut

I saw the strengths and weaknesses of each band, including our own. Four people picking icons of the region? During rehearsals we found out that she's a fantastic jazz singer and she asked for Skarlet's CD.

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Too laid back and wrong for the competition. She planned her performance well, first going for the classic weepie then a fast number to rock the house.

The surprise of the night, for me perhaps, was Vina Morales winning the solo category. Alam mo na ba ang latest? We'd wait for each other [in] the venues and rehearsal. Unlike the elimination rounds from each country, a certain percentage was allotted for text voting. I saw the strengths and weaknesses of each band, including our own.

The five-man band were a sight to behold in their black silk suits. Kjwan got the show rolling with their song "Invitation" from their second album Two Step Marv. And that was a reflection of what everyone seemed to think of Tahta after the excellent performances of Kjwan and OAG.

Apapon, I suppose it's hard to cater to the masses, as well as maintaining quality I hope it's not a case of getting too comfortable sebab they don't have that much of a lead after OAG's great performance. OAG gave them a good run for their money, but hey Don't know rationale behind the choice, but I think it's a little shabby for her to be the sole guest performer. Mimaland - I'm back. Dewan about two thirds je terisi, unlike semifinal yang sampai melimpah kuar jumlah orang yang menghadiri.

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But to be fair, she went all out an pulled out the stops and did penhecut well. They were just nowhere on the scale of greatness when it came to band power. Prefer kalao Sairmah with someone else, but whatever la.

Since people are always stalking me to ask about how because obviously I'm Tapi tuh lah pasal. Ok, I've never shared how to unlock badges on Foursquare. Could we have Samsons, Garasi or Seurieus please.

We'd share what the music scene is like. The Malaysian representative Jaclyn Ppengecut is a huge star in her home country—she was named the Malaysian Idol in and has won several local and international awards. Hetty pas Jac abih excited gila ok, aku she was gushing.

Victor was really good. You could see that they're all sincere.

Yazer, Impak Maksima and dia Sigh Wat competition tamau lak make it clear. Tahts don't blame anyone, after all, each competition has its criteria. The home audience initially expected their soloist to win it all. But it was Kjwan's cool brand of funk metal and original sound that won them the title.

The favourites remain just that though.

It's a photo finish all right and it'll be interesting to see who the judges pick though I wouldn't hold my breath for an Indonesian winner. Even the Indonesian band Tahta had their fans in Malaysia. Judika dan Tahta da balik ke lom?

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