Avi recomp 1.5.0

Jan 13, [New]: Uninstalling old version first fixed it. Wrong crop values for maximally cropped picture.

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AVI ReComp -> Version History

Incorrect settings reset after using the "Each job resets settings" option. Uses only XviD codec to recompression process. Our own Xvid installer replaced by the original installer provided by the Xvid Team. Some dialog boxes collisions. Option for automatic output path generation.


New progress bar for active jobs. It works only on bit Windows. WinXP Ease of use: No installation is required. Job List was significantly rebuilt.

Recompressing files exceeding 1. Reorganisation of some files and subdirectories of the installation folder. VDubMod is now running in hidden mode. Command line option for loading a file. Oct 4, [New] New option for saving subtitle settings. Xvid updated to version 1.

Remaining "Audio 1" and "Audio 2" buttons after adding a job to the queue with reset settings activated. Option to activate the Adaptive Quantisation algorithm. Some User Interface changes and improvements.

Added new option for displaying VDubMod's windows.

Improved handling exceptions and errors on aborting jobs. On the downside, the application doesn't inform you how much time it takes to finish one or more tasks. Job List items had uneven look on Vista.

Improved alignment in custom matrix table cells. Improved preview player's context menu.

Job settings are now saved and restored on the next start up. Incorrect behaviour of some windows. Incorrect behaviour of Resizing Tools in case of resolutions exceeding the screen size.

Widened AVS script Editor window. Logo position and available values auto-adjusted to the video resolution. Incorrect translation of some phrases caused VDubMod crash.

AVI ReComp - Download

A rarely encountered type of mp3 audio avj could be flagged as unrecognised. New Portuguese translation thanks to Oscar R. Opening the window with the list of translators caused an unexpected language change. From now on the 'keep ratio' option will keep current aspect ratio instead of original source AR. Job list improvements and corrections.

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