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RayFire Tool gives you the ability to fragment, destroy, demolish, wreck, break down, wreak havoc, blow up, burst, detonate, explode and do other similar things you have always dreamed of to do in Max. Multiple bomb support for Reactor Explosion 5. Significantly reduced "popcorn" effect for PhysX simulations. Geometry and transformation caching Animatable speed property Playback by playback graph Reverse playback Caching with respect to Visibility track Playback activation by animated Sub Object gizmo. Before cut fragment RayFire create fragment backup.

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Ability to simulate a group of objects as one solid object. RayFire — Dynamic Impact objects rollout description. Skip to content Menu.

Using variety of playback properties you can get results completely different from what was cached.

In too major build 1. Using Objects Point Cloud you can use multiple Geometry, Shapes and particles Systems as point cloud generators all at once. To use this feature set Iterations spinner to 0.

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Includes one year of support and maintanance. Build with iterations fragments box 35 seconds. It is fully functional and has no limitations, but it is for learning purposes only.

New Reactor Explosion directions: Shapes can be created using RayFire Trace object.

Interactive demolition doesn't support groups yet. Useful for exploding glass like objects.

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Fixed bug with small objects fragmentation. Value which defines how many iterations RayFire will use to demolish fragments from each next depth level. Transparent Material property in Material Presets.

This property interactive for PhysX dynamic simulation. Interactive demolition support for groups.

Uses pivot point as center and local Z axis as direction. Ability to use Home Grid as infinit Unyielding plane.

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Pay attention that value should be greater then biggest material ID value of Impact object. New Brick frag type.

New "Remove PhysX modifier" tool in Tools menu. Revive by Speed property for Dead Objects. New tools in Tools menu: Fragment objects into complex clusters. Fixed bug with Rifts for Voronoi fragments.

All fragmentation rollouts in another. Significantly reduced "popcorn" effect for PhysX simulations. Fixed bug with different resolutions and hidder floater. Prevents first demolition level fragments from instant re demolishing. In this way you can deactivate only objects you need, not only static or animated Impact objects.

This is a must have tool for adding chaos to your effects shots. Now you need only to pick Material, if you need to edit it's density, friction or bounciness you can do this in new Material Presets rollout. New Voronoi Irregular frag type. Reactor rollouts in third and so on.

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