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The villains as always happens in such situation, try to kill the genius to get hold of the new technologies. Chelnov's body gains superhuman abilities due to the massive amount of radiation given off by the explosion, and a secret organization seeks to harness those abilities for its own evil purposes. Related Articles at HG Now instead of running through what is implied to be a single conquered city in the arcade game, Chelnov must race around the entire world to defeat the Deathtarians.

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Chelnov also always faces right by default, with the player having to press a button just to turn around.

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Other members chlenov the team claim that the game was to have a different title, and that it was specifically changed to Chelnov because of the Chernobyl accident. Instead of having the three buttons to make Chelnov shoot, jump, and turn around, players can instead have the buttons cause Chelnov to shoot left, shoot right, and jump.

A version of it appeared in the Tokyo Game Show and several game stores in Akihabara aroundbut its release was cancelled by Data East for unknown reasons. However, the game no longer lets you fire your weapons upwards while standing still.

The main character's sprite animation is highly detailed and smooth for its time, comparable to the level of Karateka and the early Prince of Persia games. Chelnov's body gains superhuman abilities due to the cuelnov amount of radiation given off by the explosion, and a secret organization seeks to harness those abilities for its own evil purposes.

Rasterhorizontal orientation x pixels. Atomic Runner even features an impressive number of control options. Retrieved from " https: The Saturn prototype is a duplicate of the arcade game but lacks any sound effects though the music is still present.

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The game offers nice animation, an intense challenge, and some outlandish graphics. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat When he busts out of his containment cell as the game proper begins, however, players will see a completely different setting.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. According to Super-Arcade by Tane Kiyoshi, after they were called out by an article in the Asahi Shinbun newspaper calling the game imprudent, Data East flip flopped a bit in trying to explain the decision. The hero, a young scientist with a wonderful name Chelnov got involved into a series of unpleasant events which undermined and overturned all his life, father's death and sister's abduction.

The Japanese version kept the same name as its arcade counterpart, but the North American cyelnov European versions were simply titled Atomic Runner. Atomic Runner Chelnov was controversial at the time of release.

Atomic Runner Chelnov

Additionally, Chelmi, has been abducted and probably killed by the Deathtarians. The game's enemies and background images were also changed to those reminiscent of an ancient civilization.

While Data East read the tea leaves correctly in making a game about a superhero in a robotic suit so close to the release of RoboCop as a complement to the way Bad Dudes successfully evokes cheeseball 80s martial arts films like Enter the Ninja and Ninja: Browse games Game Portals.

A fully playable prototype of the Sega Saturn version was found in The game was first ported to the Sega Genesis inbut many parts of the game were remade.

This seems awkward at first, but the game is built around it, requiring Chelnov to shoot in any direction while still moving forward at all times. Each level is now based on a different ancient civilization that has been resurrected and corrupted by the Deathtarians, who have assumed the forms of the mythological creatures of these different societies.

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The redesigned bosses are real standouts, with many based on Mesoamerican mythology now. Though the player can move to the left or right of the scrolling screen by entering the corresponding direction on the joystick, it is impossible to stop or move backwards except when fighting a boss Chelnov can turn backwards while jumping.

Most importantly, however, is the choice to have weapons fire rapidly by simply holding down the button. The soundtrack has also received an upgrade, using samples similar to the Vapor Trail Genesis port, and even has some digitized voice samples.

An effectively perfect port for the Sega Saturn was also being developed. The game has had some awkward title changes, originally being called Fame Runner Chelnov: Yame this version did appear at the Tokyo Games Show, it was actually never released.

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