Ashtavakra gita by osho

With him two plus two are exactly four. This is why the Gita suits everyone, why there are thousands of commentaries on the Gita. He says things as they are, without any sort of compromise.

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The most important thing is that neither society, nor politics, nor any other institution of human life had any influence on the statements of Ashtavakra.

The believer in knowledge finds what he wants because Krishna has spoken on knowledge as well. He says things as they are, without any sort of compromise. No such tricks are possible with Ashtavakra.

There are no other statements anywhere that are so pure, transcendental, and beyond time and space. Unattached and without form, you are the witness of the whole universe.

Enlightenment Awakening Advaita Books, Video, Audio: OSHO Hindi speech: Ashtavakra Git Download

I Have Been Fooled! With him two plus two are exactly four. It is difficult to find anyone who does not take solace from the Gita.

Even the Bhagavadgita does not have the majesty found in the Ashtavakra Samhita - it is simply unparalleled. He is more concerned with synthesis than with truth. Somewhere Krishna calls devotion the ultimate, somewhere else he calls knowledge the ultimate, again elsewhere he calls karma yoga the ultimate.

The karma yogi extracts his belief because Krishna has spoken on karma yoga, the yoga of action. You are not the doer nor the enjoyer. You have always been liberated.

Oh expansive one, religion and atheism, happiness and misery - all are of the mind, they are not for you. He was a politician, a perfect politician.

You are not a brahmin or other caste, you are not in any of the four stages of life, you are not perceived by the eyes or other senses. Beyond Cause and Effect.

I Bow Down to Ashtavara It is difficult to find any tradition whose voice is not found in the Gita. Please tell me this.

This is why the Gita suits everyone, why there are thousands of commentaries on the Gita. How does liberation happen?

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Just to say he was a politician is not right; he was a shrewd politician, a real diplomat. Before it the Vedas pale, the Upanishads are a mere whisper. Oh lord, how does one attain to wisdom? Man has many scriptures, but none are comparable to the Gita of Ashtavakra.

You are neither earth, nor air, nor fire, nor water, nor ether. In his statements he considered and included many things. Oh beloved, if you want liberation then renounce the passions as poison, and take forgiveness, innocence, compassion, contentment and truth as nectar. If you can separate yourself from the physical body and rest in consciousness, then this very moment you will be happy, at peace, and free of bondage.

We are embarking on a rare journey. And how is nonattachment attained? Know this and be happy. To attain liberation, know yourself as the witnessing consciousness of all these.

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