You think you have it bad. Life itself has meaning, without anything added by us except for the spirit we bring to it. Unless there are capabilities in the infrastructure we will not be able to express features in the superstructure of the application, or system.

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You think you have it bad. Everything beyond that thiknet suffering in one way or another as Buddhism says. Hopefully by bringing to bear the resources of Emergent Time along with advances in Fundamental Ontology we can solve this problem.

I have recently discovered the mathematical basis of Schemas Theory but have not published that paper yet.

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But it also reviews the Intersubjectivity strand thinkmet better than the Passive Synthesis strand. A book that makes these distinctions clear is Harris, Errol E. Phenomenology shows that Science itself has a problem of solipsism while claiming to have theories that are reproducible by a community of observers.

This should give a basis to consider the importance of Internal Relations to Design. The necessary conditions are set by Mathematics which structure the possibility space in which anomalous emergent processes can occur as we see in Life, Consciousness, and Sociality which we have thinknrt ourselves and other life forms existential proof of their existence even though they cannot be explained by standard theories of Science yet.

There is then no one, no self, to grasp the meaning of life, because you have vanished. And other systems which are also external relations.

The set of constraints that makes it necessary for features to be grounded in capabilities are the essence of the system. Especially the mundane parts where nothing particular is happening and you are just enjoying being alive with others. Working as a Software Engineer after studying Continental Philosophy I eventually saw that Computer Hardware embodies the first two meta-levels of Being: Join our team of hard-working, fun-loving, technology experts.

Patterns are solutions to problems that have worked well in the past and have been captured by practitioners. Thus there is a physical component to the theory based on specific physical phenomena that have the same structure as the mathematical anomalies. This paper attacks the core problem with Design: Special Systems Theory is a Mathematical Systems Theory concerning the necessary conditions for the possibility of anomalous phenomena like Life, Consciousness and Sociality which exist but are unexplained inadequately by contemporary scientific theory.

In other words in a pattern which is a relation among forms, the essence of the form is described but not explained, similarly the system is built up by an aggregation of patterns but the nucleus essence of the system is approximated but not explained.

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Here we explore the steps toward an ecology of Emergent Design. We are taking explanation here to be a stronger specification than a description, i.

Dedicated to Our Clients and Our Team. This is another blindspot in our thinking, like the forgetting of Mass and over concentration on Sets.

If you are going to study Systems Theory as a basis for better understanding design I recommend the work of George Klir as a point of departure. Life is totally meaningless. Way better than the alternative.

Government agencies and their use of evidence: Making better use of evidence is essential if public services are to deliver more for less. This problem of the solipsism objectivity of Science continues to be a fundamental problem that later phenomenologist have continued to work on as the advocates of science ignore the problem. But each of those design elements needs to have internal relations within itself that responds to where it is in the system as a whole and defines the essence of the particular design element.

A system might encompass a whole set of Pattern Language constructs which have worked previously to solve problems. What is a synthesis and how is it possible. The fundamental joy is being alive despite everything else as that each moment is a success, and accomplishment, a reason to keep living.

The design element must have relations with other design elements that are external relations. A politically informed perspective, then, must begin from a recognition that policies typically involve multiple social concerns, and there can be different evidence bases relevant to each one.

These Systems are syntheses that are Designed using Architectural Design, the Afoundation discovered herein gives a basis for Emergent Design in general which leads to Architectural Design of Systems including Software Systems.

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