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Men Who Save the World A chance encounter brings him face to face with the "Life Action Bureau" or LAB, an organization that will help him end his life. Retrieved 18 March Dira Abu Bakar Image via msn.

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More stories to read. Behind the scenes of "KIL".

KIL Movie Review

Harun Harun Salim Bachikhe hires the agency to kill him in an unknown manner. About Contact Us F.

Nik Amir Mustapha never fails to impress me with his beautiful masterpiece. He will not know the information about who the killer or if he was going to die.

A very brave effort to do this kind of movie in Malaysia, considering the suicidal theme, as it is such a taboo topic. That is not the only ingredient. Zara slaps Akil and reminds him that she still cares about him. Return to Murder Frustrated, Akil calls LAB officials to cancel his contract. He only told me that the genre of the movie was drama, mystery and romance. But just to be slightly critical, hopefully constructively, I would say that the ending could have been more drastic.

Hiring an organization known as the LAB can not remember how to spell the full name is the last way Kil pursue kjl ambitions bow kill that was not to be.

KIL Movie Review – Silver Light

Details of the movie: Hope there will ffilem more movies like this presented in the most creative and beautiful way. Knowing that he or she would be killed, one would better appreciate life. Full Cast and Crew. It was an empty hall. Search for " Kil " on Amazon.

Jalan cerita yang mantap, lakonan yang padu filwm kehebatan sinematografi KIL menjadikan ia salah sebuah filem wajib tonton tahun ini. It turned out great issue highlighted the suicide suicide and drag the audience to understand the dark side of the main character played by Akil or Kil Redza Minhat are experiencing problems facing the wrong time that mil was trying to do a lot of suicide attempts.

For a Malaysian movie, the movie is superb. I'm glad I did, so I'm doing my part so everyone can catch it in cinemas before it's too late! Behind the scenes of Malaysian movie "KIL. Archived from the original on 18 November What's the best tearjerker?


After discussing with the LAB consultant, Mr. A chance encounter brings him face to face with the folem Action Bureau" or LAB, an organization that will help him end his life. As I sat through the credits, I saw the name of my very good childhood friend, Ena! Best Of Malaysia Cinema Ever I contacted her afterwards and she told me that the team was very small and they did not expect it to be distributed nationwide. Having said that, I too knew nothing of the movie, and if it wasn't for my husband, I probably never would have seen it.

But, he could never bring himself to commit suicide.

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